Announcing our cookbook "Secret Blend Recipes from Spice Ace"

Announcing our cookbook "Secret Blend Recipes from Spice Ace"

Announcing our cookbook "Secret Blend Recipes from Spice Ace"Announcing our cookbook "Secret Blend Recipes from Spice Ace"Announcing our cookbook "Secret Blend Recipes from Spice Ace"

About Spice Ace and our cookbook

Spice Ace was named one of the World's Best Spice Shops by Food & Wine Magazine. Established in 2012, we created 132 great blends and seasoning salts. With these blends, home cooks and professional chefs conveniently and easily prepared delicious dishes from around the world, satisfying all different types of culinary tastes. Our blends have been our flagship product group and are loved by cooks from all generations. We closed our online and brick and mortar stores in 2019. Instead of selling our business, we decided to publish this cook book, "Secret Blend Recipes from Spice Ace”, so that everyone can make our beloved blends and seasoning salts, using our same secret recipes.  The recipes are far ranging, with classic blends from all over the world and unique ones from our shop. Many are salt free. 

Recipes for the 116 spice blends include: Adobo Seasoning, Advieh Blend, Aji Seco Blend, All Purpose Seasoning, Ancho Citrus Blend, Apple Pie Spice, Baharat,  Balinese Seasoning, Bavarian Seasoning, Berbere, Big Game Seasoning, Black Magic Blend, Bouquet Garni, Cajun Blackened Blend, Caribbean Jerk Seasoning, Casablanca Tagine Blend, Chai Masala Blend, Chermoula Blend, Chesapeake Bay Seasoning, Chile Lime Seasoning, Chili Powder, Chili Powder - Mild, Chimichurri Blend, Chipotle Barbecue Seasoning, Chorizo Seasoning, Classic Poultry Blend,  Coffee Chile Meat Rub, Colombo Powder, Creole Seasoning, Dill Pickle Sprinkle,  Enchilada Seasoning, Everything Bagel Seasoning, Fines Herbes, Fisherman's Wharf Blend, Five Spice Powder, Five Spice Powder - Szechuan, Four Peppercorn Blend, French Basque Seasoning, French Market Seasoning, French Mustard Blend, Garam Masala, Garlic Pepper Seasoning, Greek Seasoning, Griller's Delight, Gunpowder, Haight Street Rub, Harissa, Hawaj Blend, Herbes de Provence, Hibiscus Tea Blend, Hickory Barbecue Seasoning, Hot Wings Seasoning, Italian Herb Seasoning, Jamaican Curry Powder, Japanese Curry Powder,  Kabsa Spice Blend, Khmeli-Suneli Blend, La Kama Blend, Lavender Cane Sugar, Lemon Pepper Blend,  Lone Star Chili Powder, Madagascar Vanilla Bean Sugar,  Madras Curry, Madras Curry – Hot, Malaysian Curry Powder, Mediterranean Seasoning, Merguez Blend, Misoyaki Blend, Mole Coloradito, Mole Poblano Blend, Mt. Olympus Blend, Mulling Spices, Nob Hill Seasoning, North Beach Italian Blend, Pacific Heights Blend, Panch Phoron, Pepperoni Seasoning, Pickling Spice Blend, Piri Piri Blend, Poultry Seasoning, Pumpkin Pie Spice, Quatre Epices, Ranch Seasoning, Ras El Hanout, Rouille Blend,  Sabroso Seasoning, Salmon and Fish Seasoning, Sambar Powder, San Francisco Fire Pepper, San Francisco Mission Cane Sugar, Sea Cliff Blend, Shawarma Blend, Shichimi Togarashi, Singapore Curry Powder, Sonoma Lamb Blend, Spanish Basque Seasoning, Springer Mountain Chicken Blend, Steak Seasoning, Tabil Seasoning, Taco Seasoning, Tandoori Masala, Thai Red Curry Powder, Tikka Masala, Tropical Island Blend, Turkish Grill Seasoning, Tuxedo Peppercorn Blend, Twin Peaks Barbecue Blend, Umami Seasoning, Vadouvan Ace, Vermont Maple Savory Blend, Vindaloo Curry Powder, Wild Bird Seasoning, Xocolatl Spiced Cocoa Powder, Za'atar.  

Also included are 16 recipes for the following Seasoning Salts: Classic Brine Blend, Calabrian Sea Salt, Calico Salt Blend, Celery Salt, Chipotle Sea Salt, Fennel Pollen Sea Salts, French Garden Sea Salt, Garlic Salt, Golden Gate Seasoning Salt, Gomasio (Sesame Salt), Herbes de Provence Sel de Mer Blanc, Italian Seasoning Salt, Lavender Sea Salt, Rosemary Sea Salt, San Francisco Fire Sea Salt, Steak and Burger Seasoning Salt. Enjoy and make each meal more delicious with these spice blends.

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